Temperature Controller


Temperature Range -50~125
Outer Size 76mm(width) x 34(height) x 70(depth)
Pannel Size 70mm(width) x 28(depth)
Sensor IC(with Sensor)
Sensor Accuracy 0.5%
Output 1 ▶RELAY Output
(AC250/5A. DC12V)
-Cooling(C), Heating (H) Combination
-Hysteresys 0~20
-Delay timer 0~240 sec.
Output 2 ▶RELAY Output
(AC250/2A. DC12V)
-Alarm Sub Output
-Timer Sub Output (0~999 min.)
Voltage AC110-220V(50/60Hz)±10%
(AC ,DC10-30V Option)
Power Abt. 5VA or less
Display Accuracy 0. 1±1digit
Relay Life Time Mechanical load : about one million times and above
Electrical durability : three hundred thousand times and above
Setting Method Digital Method with Up or Down Key
Operating Temp. 0~50°C
Operating Humidity 85% or less
Etc. -Sensor Input Compensation(rst)
-on/off (diF) 0.1~20.0 -Delay timer(dlt)
Normal/Reverse Selection
-Locking Function for User
-Setting Range Limmited and
Setting Value is Locked by Operator