About Us


SunWard Group is one of the pioneer suppliers of temperature measuring equipment and industrial automation with more than two decades experience in Iran.

Using the latest advanced technology globally in the field of producing , sales and import of equipment has given SunWard Group an edge  to provide and sell high-tech  equipment with the latest world standards  in the Iranian market by offering superior products that equal or are better than foreign imports.
Driving down the costs of production, including labor and energy, has given SunWard Group a chance in the international marketplace by offering competitively priced high quality products. 

At the moment we are sending our products to Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Armenia, turkmenistan and Saudi arabia. 

We are able to offer a variety of products and services to our customers and, through the Iranian proprietary units , can create tailor made and unique molds to suit almost any need.

With plans to continue our growth by selling  and partnership in production, the continued success of SunWard Group is assured.